I'm not sure how's it called. I use an EQ for my microphone. I have two options how to plug it:

Microphone -> MIC IN -> Insert OUT -> EQ unit -> Insert IN ->
Microphone -> EQ unit -> MIC IN -> Skip Insert

(of course, Insert OUT&IN is one plug only). I don't know which is a better option. Should I observe any quality difference? Are there any precautions to be considered? Is any of the options significantly more convenient for some reason?

My setup:

  • Mixer YAMAHA MG102C
  • Microphone SHURE PG58 (will be upgraded to something better soon)
  • Equalizer DOD SR430 Qx

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You would probably want to use the insert so the signal passes through the preamp on your mixer before hitting the equalizer.

  • Well, there are XLR inputs on the EQ, but as I've just read in the documentation, they expect the same input/output levels as the TS ones. So this seems to be correct, thanks.
    – yo'
    Sep 10, 2014 at 14:53

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