How to switch an Olympus Audio Recorder on (and maybe off) with a cable remote control?

I am using the Olympus LS-3/LS-7 audiorecorder. Its remote control port is a 2.5-mm-jack-plug, like most Olympus audiorecorders.

Olympus sells an infrared-remote-control, called "RS30W", that is large, expensive and requires line-of-sight. You can see in the image, that the jack-plug has 4 contacts.

I would like to have a cable remote control, that needs no line of sight. A perfect solution would have a switch with two positions: recording and not-recording. So that I can see and feel if the device is recording.

I have not found a documentation of the pinout of the cable. Canon uses a similar cable-remote-control for their cameras, with a 2.5-mm-jack-plug, but with only three contacts. Depending on the position of the switch, different contacts are shortcut. I feel that a similar solution should be possible for Olympus if the "protocol" is simple enough.

  • I have EXACTLY the same question!! Olympus blocks any inquiry about their remote port, the layout of pins etc. I do not have the RS30W to tinker with. My guess is that the 4 prongs carry Voltage/Gnd/On-Off bridge signal to start and stop the device. It is a shame that the company neither provides such a simple cable nor reveals how to construct one. Their RS30W is overpriced, bulky and will not work over large distances anyways. Not even FixYa offers a solution, very discouraging...
    – user19538
    Oct 27, 2016 at 10:31


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