TLDR: Its loop pedal effect that we are talking about.

Guyz have been pulling my hairs for quiet a while, just cant figure out what this effect is called or what term should I use to Google, for any plugins for flstudio or similar to get this effect. I have exhausted all my imaginations by searching "revervbation","reverbating echo", "continious echo loop"...

Effect: The continuous echo this guy is creating.

PS: I know that he is using a dedicated hardware for it, but I am quiet sure there exists a software for the similar effect.

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he's using a loop pedal. if you're looking for a plugin for that try googling "live looping plugin" or similar.


I've got an app in the iPad for that: Loopy

Much more modern and convenient... The pedal is optional you just need your fingers =)


It's also possible he's using something like Ableton Live to record the samples as he performs and play them back as he continues to perform.

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