How to make a lead like in Notre-Dame de Paris - La monture at the first 4 seconds?

This sound is similar to a circular saw. It is often used to represent aridity. It's also featured in The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea at 0:27

and in Dj Promo - Beat Ya Brain Again at 0:40. It can be very useful for a big beat track.

Tutorials of any DAW can be useful but the target DAW is Audiotool.


I don't think this is a electronically generated/synthesised sound. You should look into sampling a metal sheet that is bowed by a violin player. This is a very musical example with a saw, but if you take a metal sheet and a bow you'll get a more disharmonic result.


This might be useful:


It sounds like this:

The resonate frequencies are similar to the sample you provided (from what I hear and think :-)

If you do want to synthesise this, I guess you should go for physical models rather than OSCs.

Edit: Perhaps putting a crash/hit hat through a granulizer (or many, say 1000 granulizers) will also work? I got this idea from your second sample. It sounds like a lot of sharp stuff with a repeating pattern.

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