I have the following problem. I recorded a dialogue trough my SPL de-esser in a unknown non treated room. On some sibilants the de-esser did too much. The problem is -> I have no budget for another recording. Do you have any advice on how to get rid of that "teethless" sound on the destroyed words?

I used automating the level of the essex but it did not work.

  • Massey has a de-esser with a re-ess function, never tried it. They have full functional demo's. Commented Apr 29, 2014 at 6:43

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I would try doing some upward expansion with a multiband compressor or active eq (Waves c4 or McDsp AE400). You could also duplicate your dialog track booth the hell out of the sibilant frequency and side chain a compressor that can do upward expansion (Waves Renaissance Compressor) on the original track. Every time your sibilance gets low that frequency should get expanded or boosted.

  • find a decent S and paste it in anywhere you're in dire need of one.
  • highpass a copy of the track (with a linear phase EQ if you have to) and automate its volume
  • upwards expansion on the high band using a multiband compressor.

make yourself some coffee ;)


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