i have recorded some interviews using lapel microphones and it has a lot of rustling noise because the characters have been moving. i have tried editing it out and to some extent it has worked. but there are some parts where the rustling overlaps with the dialogue. Is there any way i can remove or minimize it?


+1 for RX and the decrackle module. Select the whole clip then go nuts and set the strength to the maximum. Check how much it can achieve before undoing and working on it in the specific parts. Work in spectral view and whatever you can't decrackle, try using spectral repair (I usually use the attenuate mode). Take a lot of trail and error all-in-all but you'll get something decent.

RX combined with good editing will yield some darn good results.


Sounds like a job for iZotope RX. Using denoise with an isolated cloth rustle as a noiseprint to learn you might be able to lower the cloth sounds but I doubt you would be able to remove them entirely without affecting the voice dramatically.

  • Adobe Audition (Previously Cool Edit Pro) also has this feature. First analyze a spot with only the rustling (no voice), then tweak the parameters to get the best compromise between rustle and denoizer-artifacts / distortion. – Louis Somers Feb 9 '14 at 1:13

Izotope denoise can help but I've had better luck with the declick or decrackle modules, depending on the length, spectral repair can be even better but takes more time. Cloth rustle can appear in many different forms and vary a lot depending on where the mic was placed and type of cloth.


With RX 5 Audio Editor if you're working in Pro Tools or similar you can use Connect to roundtrip a clip to the audio editor standalone application, this works great - I found just now that with clothing rustle in my dialog it was a combination of using de-noise on selective frequencies and then just good old EQ to take the noise down even further. I couldn't completely obliterate my clothing noise but I was able to reduce it to acceptable levels.

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