Is it possible to convert split items/sections in timeline to regions or markers so they can be rendered as marker points inside a wav file?

This would be a huge time saver for me because I use Sony Vegas to add narration in videos, and being able to use the same marker cuts makes things so much easier.

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I'm not sure of any way to easily do that in the program. However, since the project files are simply text it should be easy enough to write a program to parse the file and create markers to match the items.

Each item starts with the position property.

  POSITION 234.73069114906761

When adding a marker through the UI, you would see a dialog like this:

add marker dialog

This will add a marker which looks like this:

enter image description here

The markers are all near the beginning of the file. In my project they are between the <TEMPOENVEX...> and <PROJBAY...> sections.

MARKER 1 38.04082125863206 "marker1" 0 0
MARKER 2 133.10227128138141 "marker2" 0 0
MARKER 3 183.21268644230756 "marker3" 0 0

As you can see from the code each line contains the ID, Position and Name.

I added marker 1 and 3 from the UI. Marker 2 was added in code using the position of one of the items. Marker 2 showed up just fine in the UI when the project was reloaded.


From the Actions menu you can choose Show Action List. You can type in Regions in the filter box, and from the filtered actions you can select "Markers: Insert separate regions for each selected item".

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