I need to generate a tone with a gradually increasing pitch with a very slow ratio. That is, I need a sine/square/sawtooth tone (amplitude doesn't matter) starting from 20Hz and gradually, linearly (or exponentially) increasing to 16kHz over 10 minute period. I need it to test a very specific audio device.

This seems like a simple task, yet I cannot find any free tool which would generate such a tone and save it to WAV or something like that. I tried fiddling with Audacity, but either I cannot find it or such tone not possible to achieve in it.

Does anybody know any free tool which would help me in generating such tone?

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    I'm just intrigued as to the device :-) – Rory Alsop May 27 '11 at 21:12

This does almost everything you need (save for the length): http://heliso.tripod.com/download/generator/dsg.htm

Another one, also with a length limitation: http://softsolutions.sedutec.de/multisine.php

If you use a linear sweep, you can simply divide your 10 minutes into whatever is possible with the above tools and then splice the sound together in Audacity afterwards.

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    Thanks, the Multisine tool is exactly what I've been looking for. – Neo May 26 '11 at 15:39

Audacity can do this, although I've not personally made one longer than 30 seconds. Select Generate | Chirp:

Audacity Generate Chirp

(be careful not to hurt your ears when playing it back!)

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