We're finding that the desk for our daw, plus the keyboard to the side of it (Yamaha P-140) is getting to be a bit much for our space. Ideally we'd like the the computer and keyboard to share the same space so that the user doesn't have to turn his/her head to look at the screens when playing the keyboard.

Are there solutions for this? If so what are people preferred?

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I can think of three different configurations. Which one you settle on will depend on how often you use the Yamaha and how you use it. Spend a little time searching Google's image search to find some ideas.

  1. Keyboard and mouse in front of the Yamaha on the same surface.
    This is a simple and common configuration. It works good if the Yamaha is only lightly used. A wireless keyboard and mouse are very useful in this setup. Here's an example.

  2. Keyboard and mouse in a drawer under the Yamaha.
    This is a good one if you use the Yamaha a lot. You'll probably have to compromise on the height so that the Yamaha isn't too high to play on and the keyboard/mouse aren't too low to use comfortably. Here's an example of this one.

  3. Keyboard and mouse beside the Yamaha.
    I would only use this one if neither of the other two work. It seems a little inconvenient to me, but I figured I'd mention it anyway.


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