I wanted to know if there was any way I could reset a Roland D-20 back to all its original settings.

  • Not a novice to synths and midi and sysex files but this one is stumping me. Just got a Roland D10 from eBay for a good price to add to my collection but I have a problem. I have managed to dump and save all the presets but as the performance patches are all mixed up to hell I wanted a clean fresh start. The trouble is it won't let me do a factory reset. Pressing Tune/Function and Write while turning it on is doing nothing what so ever. I changed the internal battery and even reseated the Intel chip and still nothing. Confused to hell totally Any help would be great. Even tried leaving the bat – Justin Rene Tranquille Sep 18 '15 at 19:33

The Roland D-20 can be reset by following this procedure:


According to a synth reset guide page.


If you need the factory patches, they exist as .MID files here:


You can dump them into your D20 with any freeware MIDI sequencer and a MIDI interface.

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