I'm curious to know if anyone has ever made this sound themselves or have an idea on how to recreate this sound. I use Propellerheads Reason 7 and would love to recreate this sound to use in some of my songs.

Here's the link

The sound starts at around 0:45 in.

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Sounds like a stuccato pan flute to me. Maybe a synthetic version.

Here's a link: Stuccato Pan Flute

Could also be another wooden instrument though.

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    I definitely agree on the pan flute, or at least a synthesized approximation of one. The attack sounds a bit artificial though, so you might not necessarily need to start with a staccato sample.
    – NReilingh
    Jan 27, 2014 at 1:47

It is definitely a sampled plucky sound. I can clearly hear it get longer on the lower notes.

To get the sound, set up a track with a simple FM Pluck synth, then give it thick distortion, delays, and reverb to make the sound deliciously big.

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