I've been using SysEx Librarian for...well, a long time now. It's functional but it's far from friendly and feature reach. Most notably: it's failed to keep up with the massive increase in transmit and receive speeds the MIDI protocol has gained from being ported to run over USB lines.

Is there a modern alternative to SysEx Librarian out there for OS X?

I need the following:

  • Receive and save to disk blocks of SysEx messages as one single file (Record Many in SysEx Librarian)
  • Receive and save to disk single SysEx messages (Record On in SysEx Librarian)
  • Play back SysEx data saved in files on disk over any selected MIDI interface at modern speeds

And the really nice to have stuff would be:

  • SysEx library view and navigation that allows for a tree structure (SysEx Librarian is one big, flat list of files which gets unwieldily when you've got a lot of files saved)
  • Library search feature, especially the ability to search for specific bit-strings in files
  • SysEx hex editor

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MIDIox has some good sysex handling features: you can send, receive, and it has a small hex editor. But it has no library.

  • Looking for an OS X app, sorry. MIDI-OX is still Windows-only.
    – Ian C.
    Jun 9, 2012 at 17:26

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