Is there a way to transmit the "play/stop/record/loop" commands to both DAWs so that they play in sync?

Because of Record's lack of MIDI-Out support AND not being able to take incoming audio from external sources while in ReWire mode, I'm trying to work my way around it by feeding Reaper's output-channels into some of Record's input-channels (via Soundflower). It's not very practical, but I will have to write MIDI clips in Reaper (for VST instruments) and then MIDI clips in Record (for Record & Reason devices).

But now comes yet another issue, how can I sync both together? Does it require an external hardware MIDI-clock of some kind?

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If both Record and Reaper support MIDI sync from an external source, you can use virtual ports with MIDI Yoke (or similar), and then a separate application (such as MIDIOX) to send the play/stop parts.

This isn't Rewire though, so the loop start and end points won't work.

  • I voted this answer up because it's correct, but it's going to be a pain.
    – Zeronyne
    Nov 15, 2011 at 16:30

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