This is a follow up to this question I asked months ago. My MIDI mappings are still being lost even if I keep the Axiom turned on between sessions in Logic and it's maddening. It's a lot of work to rebuild them every session.

Apparently this is a known issue. The solutions in that Apple Support thread don't work for me. Restoring the .cs file between sessions doesn't stop the mappings from disappearing completely.

I'd upgrade to Logic 9 if I knew the money spent would buy me a solution to this problem. Can anyone confirm or deny that this issue is gone in Logic 9 when you're using an M-Audio Axiom (generation 1) controller?

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In my specific case: yes. The upgrade seems to have solved the problem. At least, I've gone two days now (and many project open/close cycles) without the mappings disappearing. That's not something I was ever able to do with Logic 8.

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