Anyone know of an iPad app that can send SysEx commands? The end result I'm looking for is this: I'd like to create a set list page where it would have the list of songs, and each song name is actually a button. Once pressed it would send the necessary SysEx command to choose a Master Mode Program in my Yamaha Motif synthesizer, - in this 'Master Mode', the Motif does not respond to normal Program Change messeges and requires SysEx commands.


You can do this - but only through system exclusive messages, I have made it work using the iPad app Midi Designer, and the Line 6 Midi Mobilizer.

The system Ex command for Master change is f0 43 10 7f 03 0a 00 00 xx f7

xx is the master number from 1-128, but remember it will be master -1 in hex, so master A07 would be 06, Master C16 would be 2E (not 2F)

Hope this helps - note if you use MIDI Designer to leave off the f0 at the start and the f7 at the end of the string above

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