One of the nice features of Ableton Live is its quick MIDI mappings. I can enter MIDI map mode and quickly assign an interface element to a knob or slider on a MIDI controller.

I am trying to map Live's global tempo control to a MIDI knob. When I enter MIDI map mode, the tempo control looks like this:

Screen-crop of Live's tempo section in MIDI map mode

The left and right sides of the tempo are "coarse" and "fine" control, respectively, and are mapped separately. I can clearly assign a knob to each one, but I would like to use one knob to control them both. Ideally, I could sweep between several coarse positions, and the fine control would update to catch the positions in between.

I feel like I've missed something. Is this arrangement possible? It would be conceptually simpler to have one "tempo" knob to deal with, instead of having to manage two of them.

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I ended up discovering the answer by accident. If you map only the left-hand portion of the tempo (the coarse control), the fine control sweeps to match.

I have mapped the left-hand side to a knob and can confirm that I can have finer-than-integer tempo resolution, which is the intended behavior.

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    Yeah, I've found that it just depends on the range for what you set the controller to. The smaller the range, the more fine control.
    – Brad
    Oct 1, 2011 at 14:24

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