I have a Behringer BCR2000 which has customizable midi cc buttons along the top just like the BCF2000. I was wondering if I could press button 1 and set midi cc #90 (or whatever number) to 0, then press button 2 and set midi #90 to 25. Pressing button 3 would set #90 to 75 and so on. Is this possible? Thanks.


I've assigned two buttons to the same CC number (97, in this case.) Set the on value for the first button to 0. Set the on value for the second button to 25. Set the off value for both buttons to "off" (disabled)

Now, when I link a knob to the CC number of the buttons, only the first one set does anything and it just decrements the current value of the knob by 10. Very strange.

  • I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be possible. The BCR2000 allows knobs to be assigned to the same value so I can't see why it'd be any different with buttons, but I can't try it myself at the moment. Have you tried it? Did you run into any problems? – Warrior Bob Mar 25 '11 at 14:15

I uploaded the default settings via SysEx then did what I did in the edit again and it works.

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