I have a small project studio and for my, mainly small scale singer songwriter acoustic, projects I use an Intel Mac coupled to an RME FireFace in the studio. I run Logic Studio on that machine.

I am creating another small set-up away from the main studio using a Carillon built, i5 64bit Windows7 PC. I have a Focusright Forte linked to that PC but at the moment no DAW.

I work in the folk music singer songwriter field and my requirements are just not big enough to warrant a full blown Pro-Tools set up. However I do want software quality and access pro plug ins.

Your views and thoughts would be appreciated...



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As far as I know, Pro-tools is the only thing that can use Pro-Tools plug-ins. Almost all DAWs (with exception to Reason) use VSTs.

Most of the availible DAWs are good, it really depends on your workflow, so I would take note of that and start there.

Generally, they don't like software request questions on stack exchange, because the answers will usually be quite subjective.


You don't need Pro Tools or Pro Tools plugins. There are several great windows DAWs, all of which support great plugins.

Note: In my experience, many (but not all) of the plugins bundled with DAWs are not nearly as good as paid, third-party plugins.

Try these DAWs (don't have enough rep to post more than 2 links so you'll have to search for the rest):

Steinberg - Cubase

Presonus - Studio One

Cakewalk - Sonar

MOTU - Digital Performer

Cockos - Reaper

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