I recently purchased a touched screen-enabled windows based laptop for use on the go. As it supports 10 point multitouch, I thought a great use of it while at my desk would be as a touch screen DAW control surface for my mackie compatible DAW (in my case, Adobe Audition 3), presumable connecting over the network. I am aware that there are control surface apps for Android and iPad ( I actually use TouchDAW for my android tablet), but a google search hasn't shown anything for Windows.

Has anyone here heard of a Windows based DAW control surface program?

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Emulator Pro http://smithsonmartin.com/products/emulator-pro/

With Emulator PRO, the only performance hardware you need is a Windows* device. The software is solid, so you can rely on it for live performances. Get ready to rock the house with minimum setup and maximum impact.

  • Windows version is compatible with Windows 7 & 8. OSX version is currently available with Emulator ELITE only.

yMIDI should do what you need, you'll need rtpMIDI as well to do MIDI over the network.


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