I'm having trouble with an audio file.

If you look over at this Ask Different question I submitted, you'll see I was having issues with getting a podcast to work in iTunes. I finally narrowed it down (I think). Everything seemed correct, but I finally tried a couple different MP3 files and submitted the podcast and it worked.

So, I'm wondering if the audio file my client gave me has issues.

When I go to "Get Info" for other MP3 files, it shows things like "Audio Channels", "Total Bit Rate", and stuff like that. The MP3 file I am using doesn't really show anything. All I know is it says it's "Kind: MP3 audio" and "64865838 bytes".

Any thoughts? I know pretty much nothing about audio, I'm a web developer lol. I can provide the audio file if anyone wants to download it and check it out. Thanks!

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Okay, after a long period of troubleshooting, I determined it was the MP3 file that was having issues. After importing it into GarageBand and exporting it from there, it finally worked! I received the MP3 file from the client. He is a preacher and they recorded it at the church. Then he uploaded it to Google Drive and I downloaded it from there. It sounds like it was not encoded correctly, but I am not an audio expert.

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