My father has an audio-video production studio that I wanted to inherit. However, I majored in computer science and have no clue whatsoever about how audio and video production works. The problem here is that I already have the equipment, but I do not know how to use it to produce the expected results. Unfortunately, my father doesn't have deep knowledge of the equipment either. He did his jobs by a conventional wisdom (usually trial and error) and did not take any complicated jobs that required professional knowledge.

My purpose is to extend my father's studio with my computer skills. However, I am still a total beginner in this audio-video production. Can anyone suggest me where should I start?

What I want to know is the pipeline behind the production, and all the terms and concepts.

For example, I want to know the purpose behind different features in a camera, and the meaning behind all the terms that I've seen on the labels or in an editor software (midi, damping, etc.).

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To get familiar with the basic concepts, I would recommend Wikipedia and Google. Just look at the entry for MIDI. It's huge. Another example is the microphone entry. It is even more huge!

So, investigate the equipment, then Google it and search on Wikipedia. You'll be amazed how much information you'll find.

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