Some of the tracks in my MP3 collection have low output sound and this requires that I adjust volume level back and forth every time such a track plays and completes. Is there an application that I can use to set a common output level for all my MP3 files?

I mostly use Winamp and sometimes Realplayer to play my music.


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This Winamp blog post describes exactly what you are looking for. The function is called Replay Gain and can be applied as follows (relevant text cited from blog article in case the link goes down):

  1. Select the files you would like adjusted (DO NOT try to calculate your entire library at once)
  2. Right click and choose Send To -> Calculate Replay Gain
  3. Once the files are analyzed, choose "Save As Album".

    • only choose "Save Track data" if you just have one (or a few) tracks from a particular album.
  4. Once you've scanned your library, you'll still need to set your Preferences to turn on Replay Gain. Put a check-mark next to the Preferences to turn it on. (Ctrl+P) Playback -> Replay Gain tab -> Select "use Replay Gain".
    Under "Preferred source", you can freely toggle between the album & track playback options w/o rescanning. The only time you'll need to rescan is when you add new songs to your library.

    • Select "Track" if you are going to listen to your library on shuffle or if listening to a playlist
    • Select "Album" if you are going to listen to complete albums
  • Yes, this was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know it was called 'Replay Gain'. Thanks a lot for the detailed walk-through. Unfortunately, I can't voteup your answer. The system won't let me as I don't yet have minimum required reputation.
    – Elzee
    Commented Feb 18, 2013 at 3:01

Windows Media Player (version 12, not sure of other versions) have an option that might help you.

In the "Options" window, in the "Library" tab there's a checkbox near the top that you can use to configure to Add volume leveling information values for new files.

I believe (but I'm not sure) this information is then stored to the file as an ID3 tag.

Other programs should have a similar option and functionality.

  • I haven't got WMP12, but I will see if the feature you have mentioned is available on Winamp and RealPlayer.
    – Elzee
    Commented Feb 17, 2013 at 16:35

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