I am trying to setup a semi-pro recording area for creating a podcast and I am quite new to audio recording.

I have a KAM C3 (Bottom one on the site) Mic going into an ART Tube MP - Project Series with an XLR cable. From the Preamp I go through USB 1.1 into my computer, I'm getting a low buzzing/static that is present when I record through the mic.

I also have a Razer Megalodon (USB) which gets the same static/buzzing so I am assuming that the static/buzzing is comming from either the USB port (Ive tried 3 different ports on my PC, but they are all in the same area because I heard it may be a grounding issue) or the computer itself.

Are there any other ways I could fix this, or maybe a sound card that I could buy that would eliminate this issue.



Going through the preamp should take care of the noise frequently found in soundcard A/D converters. Try listening to your recording somewhere other than your computer to ensure the noise isn't happening on playback - maybe it's not an input problem at all, but rather an output problem.

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