I have a high-end hi-fi system (monitor audio studio 20se speakers, talk electronics preamplifier and 4 separate power amplifiers) and am wondering if there is a piece of kit available that will play music via Bluetooth (in a similar way to modern cars). It would have to connect to the preamplifier via coaxial cables. Does anyone have any recommendations? Budget around the £1,000 mark.

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The best available bluetooth technology currently available is bluetooth 4.0. As I presume you are already aware, Bluetooth technology is designed with data transfer at its heart and might not cater to audiophile requirements, such as higher sample rates.

I've found a small receiver that might meet your requirements, perhaps if only as an interim solution:

Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver I am aware of BOSE and their intentions of bringing out a new amplifier that will support WIFI connections, however, they usually only work with BOSE systems and the projected release date for this isn't till spring 2014..

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