i did a days worth of field recording a while back into input 1 of my H4n which is the left channel. it played back into my headphones at the time on both sides. however when i play back what i recorded that day on pro tools it only plays back in my left monitor. is there some way to get it centrally panned? thats a whole days stuff gone otherwise.

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It's a bit unclear where your problem is. Do you need help in protools to get the sound in the center image? Or do you want to get a stereo image from 1 channel audio?

Protools answer: drag your files to 2 mono tracks from the stereo track. Delete panning automation on the mono tracks. Stereo image: Unless you used a stereo mic(setup) the latter is impossible. If you used channel 1 of the line input with a mono mic this is all you have unfortunately.

Cheers, Arnoud

  • Not quite impossible depending uoon one's point of view. A pseudo-stereo can be achieved by slipping a duplicate out of sync (by a whole lot) and panning it. Sometimes this can actually be desirable. Building party scenes for instance, I like using a combo of more narrow XY stereo in conjunction with dry walla or dry F/S tracks in the pseudo-stereo method. Nov 18, 2013 at 20:50
  • Hi Stavro, yes ofcourse. I was trying to refer to the fact that if the 2nd channel is not recorded, there is no way that you can retrieve it. Hopes this more clear. Nov 18, 2013 at 21:11

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