So, I've gotten to know quite a few of you at this point, and I know where a good few of you work from. Luckily I've been able to meet up with a few people for lunches and all. Every time I'm glad I met the person.

So, in order to continue building this network, I propose we map out where everyone is from and what you do. Sort of like our own little sound professional directory.

I'm a sound recordist and sound editor, and I live in Orlando, Florida.

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I am from the Netherlands, living in Munich, Germany now and doing sound design at BMW (the car company).

My background is in Industrial Design, with a master towards sound design.

Besides some music and sound stuff for various small projects, I haven't achieved much yet, I am very much a newbie. So I eagerly soak up all the knowledge and expertise that is shared in this community!


Nice one! I'm a location sound recordist and also sound designer. I live in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Best regards

  • I had a buddy who was stationed in Cyprus -- or just off the coast -- in the US Navy. He said it was beautiful (but the girls were crazier than Americans). – Dave Matney Aug 20 '10 at 1:52
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Hi all,

I'm a born and bred Johannesburger, in South Africa and I work as a location sound recordist, whilst playing about with animation on the side!

I've worked feature films as a boom operator and also worked as a sound mixer on one low budget feature. Mostly though, I do commercial shoots, documentary shoots and corporate shoots. I'm keen on learning to do final mixing and foley recording and building up my sound library!

This site is great, I find it much more user friendly in comparison to many other forum sites and the knowledge I have gleaned in the last few days of browsing the site has been great!

Thanks for everyones inputs!


I am a freelance sound recordist and designer from Belgrade, Serbia, with over 10 years experience in television, film, radio and theatre. this is my site: http://cvrgoje.com


I'm based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA doing sound for casino games as well as some commercial and indie film post. I started in Detroit, Michigan and moved west in 1996, started my own studio in 2003. Love this site! John.

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Great post! It's awesome to see the huge amount of diversity on this forum!

I'm currently living in Reston, VA about 30 minutes outside of DC.

I'm working at a church as one of their audio technicians. One of my responsibilities includes acting as the broadcast mixer for the Saturday night and Sunday services.

I haven't done much Sound Design work since college, but perusing this forum and other blogs and twitter feeds has whet my appetite to work on some stuff.


Hello all fellow sound guys!

I am from Thessaloniki Greece but currently living in Athens Greece.

I started my studies as a sound engineer stayed for 4-5 years around Greece and then i decided to make my dream come true and started Tsimpountiii Games. I do all the composing / sound / game design there for our games. And working on many many more projects including directing, sound programming, sound design, field recording, photography ... and the list goes on...

You can check all of my work here http://www.tsimpountiii.com


Hi Folks. I'm a sound engineer from the UK now living in Macau and working on The House of Dancing Water theatre show by Franco Dragone. I'm also a sound recording artist, and progressing in that field, making "cinema for the ear" multi channel recordings and installations. My piece 'Airtight Orange Plastic Coffin' will be presented in a completely dark cinema environment at the Walter Reade Theater / Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City next April as part of 'Unsound', a festival of experimental music and sound art. If any of you New Yorkers are interested, let me know and I'll give you more details.

Nice to (virtually) meet you all.


Hey, im living Perth Western Australia, mostly boom operator location sound recordist and mixer for tv. The job is somewhat quite varied which always keep you on your toes.. In the meantime volunteering for film makers for sound and ever expanding my own library. lol


I wish I was a sound designer, but at best I reckon I'm just an audio post guy. I also still freelance as a boom op and sound recordist. Currently shuttling between Melbourne, Australia and Singapore. Anyone else from these parts?


I'm a freelancer from Uppel, The Netherlands and mainly work as a location sound- recordist and designer for documentary films. ( www.geluidsvormgeving.nl )

I'm also a sound-artist and performing technician in a jazz band. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhwTsW2w0nE )

Mark Thur


I am a final Year film school student in India.I have worked in small fictions and documentaries & have done some mixing in dolby digital formats. Thank for the website cheers


Hello SSD. Jon Tidey from Vancouver, BC. Freelance Engineer, Editor, Producer, Blogger, Podcaster and now sample library creator. I work from my home studio primarily with music but I'm fascinated by sound design and I love the way it changes your perspective on the world around you. I'm in awe of what you guys can do, I know it's not easy. I have learned a ton in my short time lurking on SSD and I'd like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Recording Blog & sample libraries = http://audiogeekzine.com

Hire Me = http://epicsounds.ca

Podcast = http://homerecordingshow.com


Hi - I'm an in house sound designer/composer for a company in London. Nice to see a great mix of people on here, I'm new but I definitely should to stick around!

Also, any other sound designers here from London? Drop me a message..


Im from Pune, India. Studied from SAE. I work in Mumbai/Bombay in a company called Words Infocom. since 1yr as a dubbing engineer and mixer, dubbing disney cartoons, other tv series in foreign and regional languages. I have also been a foley recordist on a regional language film. Im also a music recordist/editor and worked on a project involving recording a fusion band for 2 months. We have 5 studios with Protools 8 le and HD Setups with ICON in 1 of them and 8 engineers working in shifts.

In my previous job as a trainee in another city, i editted sound effects for a film and tv series.

Looking for a better paying job and opportunity to work on films and also plan to study sound design abroad but its very expensive


I'm a sound designer primarily for video games in Vancouver, BC. The day job is being the sound guy for Klei Entertainment.


Hi, my name is Guillermo Ursini. I am recordist and editor for film tv and radio in Argentina. I am very interested in learn more about sound for film and work in florida USA. Please see my web page www.estudiou.com.ar

Good year for all the pros! Bye bye!


Hi all! I'm a sound editor and re-recording mixer in Sweden.

I spend my time pretty evenly divided between film and Tv, editing and mixing. I also work with a great composer doing the score music mixes for the features he works with. When i'm not sound geeking or recording weird sounds I love the odd moment of silence and of course I'm also a long time sail bum.


Music composer from Paris / France. I'm interested in the marriage of sound and music. The musical expressiveness of sound, or the noise of music. :)


Well It seems that the army of the sound designers is already gathered and counted. Now we should go to CA and capture Skywalker Ranch.


Hello! I´m a audio producer and sound designer, in Helsinki, Finland. Been in the audio biz for ten years and I´ve recently branched out to gaming audio. I´ve got a BA in digital audio and commercial music and currently work at Remedy Entertaiment as an Audio trainee.

update: Now working as an sound designer in the same company


Sound editor/designer in Hollywood California.

Started cutting on film using a Moviola when as a sound editor you had to know how to do it all. Dialogue editing, sound FX, Foley, ADR, backgrounds etc. It gave you the broad view and an understanding of how everything worked together. A great way to learn.

Worked non-union at first the way you did back then. It was a huge deal to get in the Union. Very excited when I got in. The MPSE was actually kinda difficult to get in back then too. Now ... not so much.

Work pretty much exclusively on feature films.



I am a chatty Karol.....I am a dialogue mixer, ADR mixer, Dialogue editor....me loves the chatter. I live in LA.

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    Do you also live in LA? ;) – Stavrosound Feb 23 '13 at 9:53

Hey All,

Great question (and site) @Andrew! I live and work in Toronto, Canada as an sonic gun for hire. I get to wear a ton of hats from SFX supervisor to mixer to ADR director to sound designer. Every so often I get called upon to write some original music, but not so often that I bill myself as a composer. In addition the post audioness of my life I'm also writing and pitching some projects for TV with a partner. It occurs to me that I may have an issue with focus.

Every once in a while I update my blog here: http://www.adbofdifference.com/blog/


I'm a theatrical sound designer/engineer living/attending school in Philadelphia PA. I'm currently sound designing a production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying for school, and on the look out for more opportunities - Philadelphia sure isn't NYC in terms of theater jobs. Great thread!


I live in London England, I'm sound mixer and engineer (which means I do everything sound orientated in this place) mainly mixing adverts, promos and tv shows for a terrestrial TV station.

I'm also recording, designing and mixing short films when and where I can, in the hope to better myself and move into the film industry.

I also co-run a sound studio in central London which is part of a new production company.


I'm a student currently living in Dubai, UAE hoping to get into film and game sound, I'm going to be starting film school in Jan 2012 in Auckland, NZ. I guess I could say my mindset about working in sound is pretty immature like I think it would be cool and funny if someone shoved a hydrophone up their butt and farted, I even got Mr. Nick Maxwell The Ableton Tutor to create something with my brothers fart for fun haha (I know it sounds like it but I don't have a fascination with flatulence). I'm just trying to experiment and have fun with sound until I actually end up working on something of importance, I've just been doing this for a year now just reading and doing research and building my knowledge and experience.

Recently I've been helping a friend at his studio he's been nice enough to sort of mentor me and give me real experience on producing music, its really been great in helping me be more serious and in showing me how hard you need to work to get projects done and things.


I'm a sound editor/designer in Los Angeles, CA under the moniker/company Stavrosound. I supervise some shows, while serving as part of a crew on other shows. Additionally I own Simultaneous Contrast, a new sound effects library offered presently through Sounddogs.com, still growing at about 3,800 assets to-date. I love going out to record new material at every opportunity.

I am a dialogue editor by trade (and fiercely at heart), although I have been in high demand lately for BGz, EFX, and Design work. It sort of ebbs and flows like that.


Phil Ensminger, Minneapolis, MN. http://philensminger.com/about/

I am currently a student in Audio Production with a concentration in audio for video at Hennepin Technical College. I'm just entering the post-production industry, taking as many projects as I can get my ears on!

I absolutely love this forum....as a resource, an outlet, or just good topical reading! Keep it up!


My name is Jamie, from Melbourne Australia. mostly i am doing location sound stuff at the moment. but hoping to do more and more post sound stuff, in the second half of this year.

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