So, I've gotten to know quite a few of you at this point, and I know where a good few of you work from. Luckily I've been able to meet up with a few people for lunches and all. Every time I'm glad I met the person.

So, in order to continue building this network, I propose we map out where everyone is from and what you do. Sort of like our own little sound professional directory.

I'm a sound recordist and sound editor, and I live in Orlando, Florida.

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Queens, NY ova heeah. I make stock and custom sound libraries and soundscapes for visual artists and musicians. I also do some sound art pieces of my own and a whole mess of field recording. Fun thread!


Great Idea for a thread! We should try this on some other forums...

Myself? Composer/Sound Designer/Engineer/Gadabout from Ottawa ON, Canada. Currently serving as Chief Engineer and Studio Manager at Atomic Audio doing TV Shows, Indie Films and lotsa Government Videos.


I'm originally from Michigan. About twenty minutes north of Detroit.

I'm an in house Sound Designer for a video game developer in San Diego. You can here some of my work on Transformers: War for Cybertron. I've been in the industry for about five years now.


I teach group music classes to pre-kindergarten children (ages 6 weeks to 5 yrs). I live in Toronto, studied Electroacoustics at Concordia in Montréal, and theatre at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

I've composed and designed sound for a couple dozen indie theatre productions - but lately, I've sort of fallen out of love with theatre. Shhhh, don't tell her.

Gestating my first album.


Bay Area working in a staff position as a sound editor/designer (with the occasional stint as a music editor) for films. Just relocated a couple years ago after a 10 year run in LA working first in commercials, then feature film.


Really interesting thread.

I grew up in Connecticut and Maryland, I'm half American and half French. I spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh but have lived for nearly four years in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I guess I'm a sound artist, doing a lot of sound installations and interactive music and sound systems. I also occasionally still gig as a musician, and I have a company that makes iPhone apps and things like that.


I'm a Music Tech student in Edinburgh, UK. Focusing my last year around sound design and game audio and hopefully joining the industry asap after I graduate next year!

Feel free to hit me up if you're in Edinburgh, I don't have many sound design buddies up here :) joe.cavers @ gmail.com


80% of my work time is split between dialogue editing and mixing, film or tv series, as a freelance in Rome, Italy.

20% is soundfx editing/design, I love it... and try to make this my first job


I am a freelance sound designer/editor/mixer for film and video games currently in Columbus, Ohio.

I am also a member of a theatre company here, as an actor, but when our sound guy can't do a project I will sometimes pick it up (mixing a musical next month for example).

Most of my clients are in a different state.

(Currently working on a high profile independent video game, a AAA video game, and a full length independent film.)


Hi there!

René Coronado - lead sound designer at Dallas Audio Post Group

I came here straight out of school in Dec of 1999, and have grown up with the company. I love living and working in Dallas because its a great sports town (we work with the Stars, Mavs, and Rangers - working on the Cowboys), a good production town, and your money goes a long way here compared to other places.

60% of our work is from out of town, with big chunks coming from DC and LA. I've personally cut ADR for Cats and Dogs 2 that's coming out, The Last Airbender, and of course we do all of the ADR for the network shows that are being shot in town (including The Good Guys, Midland, etc). We also recorded both George and Laura Bush's upcoming audio books for Random House, so business is good!

We're a right to work state, so no unions here - which means that I have to triple count my blessings with regards to the company I work with. The founder, Roy Machado really lives up to his promises to keep us engineer folk the best equipped and best paid in the region. We're also set up like a law firm, so after x number of years engineers become vested partners in the company. We're always consulted on gear and procedures, and its rare that a need doesn't get filled.

I'm not a musician, but Roy and Brad are and they are some of the best.

On the side, I shoot video and timelapses with my Canon 7d, and I always have my Sony PCMD50 on me to record the world around me.


I'm a Sound Designer/Editor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Primarily, we work on Films and TV shows at the moment.


I live in Pasadena, CA. During the day I record and mix TV & Radio spots at Juice Studios in Santa Monica. Use to do more sound design in the past but continue to build my library daily. I currently sell fx on a few different sites but I'm hoping to create a site along the same lines as Chuck Russom & Tim Prebble in the future.

Great thread.


Hi there! Michel Marchant here from Santiago de Chile ( No, I'm not french) I have worked many years in Santiago, and Mexico City doing sound effects editing and mixing for TV commercials. After a while my wife and I decided to move to Montreal, Canada and I started doing sound design and field recording for video games at Wave Generation. If one of you guys happen to be visiting the city, drop me an email Beers on me Cheers, M


  • Are you French? :D (You really don't have to answer again...) – Justin Huss Jul 28 '10 at 15:49

I am in Virginia Beach, Virginia working in the field of Audio for a major Television company. I do audio post work when I am not doing live shows. I have developed into a all around audio engineer through the years and I have been very blessed to do a lot and learn a ton. I truly love what I do and could not imagine doing anything else. Not sure where it will take me from here but I am always open to things. BTW this is an awesome site and I am very glad I found it.


I am a boom operator/sound editor living at my company MISOSound in Los Angeles, still starting out in the world of sound. My partner and I mostly work on films and documentaries, but we've done a couple of video games now and are trying to break into that more as well.


Hey, My name is James Bretz and I'm from Bellingham, Washington. Started my own company, Auddity Sound, when a friend asked me to do the post sound on his film about a year ago. So now I do free lance sound design, production sound, post production, and still try to record and mix bands when I can and sprinkle in a live recording here and there. It's not full time yet... but soon.


Hi guys, this is my first post. I really like the way this site has come together.

I'm in Chicago. I am a sound designer\composer in experimental and traditional theatre, and day job as a full time sound engineer at a local Chicago theatre.



Living and working in San Francisco Doing mainly commercial and short film work. Heavily interested in multimedia audio, video, physical computing, alternative control. It's great to see some Bay Area folks around!

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I live and work in NYC. I'm been working in Radio for 10+ years and have dabbled a bit in post and game sound as of late. I've been on the content and technical side of radio production, mostly working for NPR shows in the US. During that time I've also been a recording nut.

I also run this SFX company: http://rabbitearsaudio.com and this Blog: http://sepulchra.com/blog/

I'm an avid road and track cyclist and love food.


I'm in Winnipeg, Canada. I've had a lifelong fascination with sound, and have been messing with synths, samplers, and DAWs for the last 15+ years. I only recently started investigating the world of proper sound design (i.e. outside of making sounds with a focus on music) and field recording, and I am completely hooked!

I recently helped a friend out by making a few sounds for a really cool game project and I am very hungry for more work like it. I currently work as a software developer, but my ultimate goal is to somehow make a living working with sound because it's my true passion in life.

This site and its contributors have been an essential part of my learning experience, so thanks very much to all of you for sharing so much useful information.

  • You could probably combine your passions and develop awesome audio software. – Joel Jan 30 '11 at 16:32

I'm a long time Game Audio guy from LA (near Burbank) trying to rebuild my traditional post clientele again. I work out of my home and other studios. I seem to gravitate toward animated projects, but not on purpose.



I am currently Lead Sound Designer at Radium Audio in London. I mostly do broadcast, digital and branding but we're getting into live installations these days as well.

Started out playing the drums and wanting to be a rockstar! Eventually that wore off and I fell in love with sound design instead, which seems to be working out so far.

I'm new to this site, and loving it. Really nice interface and I can see myself going a bit Pokemon for the badges. Good to see such a diverse mix of people on here as well :)





I am originally from Canada now residing in South Africa. I am a foley artist and sound effects editor and presently doing a lot of field recording throughout SA to capture all the sound that make up this country. I have worked in the field for 20 years now.

Great to see so many people corresponding and networking. Thanks Andrew for starting this.


And a hello from Thessaloniki, Greece. I run a recording studio for music mainly, but have been getting involved in production sound and sound design for film and theatre as well. I enjoy all aspects of sound related work, but the creative soundtrack design for moving images seems more fascinating at the moment. This is a nice community - keep it up!


Hi everyone, I work as assistant sound editor for movies, mixer and sound editor for tv shows and audiobooks. Also, as a freelancer, doing anything related to our world of sounds. It happens that the market isn't very good here at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Just started doing freelance sound design for short film here in New York. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand. weeee

  • Chai! Lau nee.. – Utopia Aug 9 '10 at 17:21

I am a budding sound designer based in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia).

My day job is varied as I run a new media company. I produced podcasts, consult on new media/trans-media. Lecture sometime for AFTRS and other places. I have worked on feature films and shorts as either sound technical assistant or sound recordist. Occasionally I also produce projects (video games, short films, radio). Basically I am a jack of all trades, but love sound.

Started working in sound about 15 years ago but always mixed it with my other passion of technology. My main claim to fame is producing one of the longest running pop culture podcasts in the world, (Cool) Shite on the Tube (don't listen if you are afraid of some naughty language and un-PC commentary). I am also the technical director of Supanova Pop Culture Expo (the Comic-con of Australia).

Loving this site. Heaps of great information and people. You all rock!



we're not alone, great to read all these intro's!

I'm from Amsterdam, netherlands Started locationrecording on features, documentary, TV. Over the last years Music / Sounddesign work became my main focus. I work on Animation, Films, Commercials, Artstuff


I wish I'd known about this site much sooner. I'm a freelance location sound mixer/boom operator/sound utility for film and television based in Albuquerque, NM. I used to edit radio for a number of years and work out of my home production suite before I met a great sound mixer (and great friend) David Brownlow, who helped me get involved with film.

I'm originally from NYC, born and raised in the bronx and moved to Brooklyn right after high school, plus lived in Florida for a short time years back. I fell in love with sound as a kid through music, and I think I love sound more than music today. I've been fortunate to work on a few great films, TV shows, and some Docs with great people and learn great things. This site is my new great place to listen and learn. Thanks for making this possible.

E. Santiago


HI - I'm from Guatemala, living/working in Barcelona! Musician and sound designer! In my free time I'm trying to build an audio library of old/new mayan musical instruments for Kontakt and Ableton sampler!! Great community here, saludos!!

  • @Juanca, Great city! I lived there for a little while and plan to go back to visit soon. I'll give you a shout! Best of luck. – Filipe Chagas Feb 3 '11 at 5:08

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