need a Little HISTORY about Tube Amplifiers or Tube Sound,

need Signal Processing theory of the same, Its Schematics


importantly need how it is RE-Modeled into a DSP Plugin. (either by Programming or Capturing Impulse Responses)

Please Help me..



This is a wrong forum for this question. You'd get better answers e.g. from https://electronics.stackexchange.com/ or https://dsp.stackexchange.com/.

The fundamentals of tube amplification are to be found in electrical engineering "theory". And specifically, what a vacuum tube is and how it operates. The software counterpart (DSP) basically only models (by using equations that are known in physics of electromagnetism and by knowing how a tube amplifier operates on the signal that passes through it) what happens in the electrical implementations.

For capturing an impulse response, check google.

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Really Good SOS article I just found:


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Mesa/Boogie has a document posted with a basic explanation of how tube amps operate.

Class A: Exposed and Explained by Randall Smith


It is geared towards guitarists, but is, in any case, helpful.

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