As the title says. I've got some cleanly recorded vocals and I'd like to get them to sound like a tannoy announcement. Anyone got some techniques to recommend for this?

Best, Nicol

  • Actually, a bandpass and reverb does the trick quite nicely. Commented Oct 21, 2013 at 12:46

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I would use EQ to filter out the bass and some of the high end, and maybe boost the mids for a slightly harsh sound. Adding a small amount of distortion (or an amp simulator) might help to get the right tone.

Also, using a stereo delay is very important for a tannoy effect if you want it to sound like it's coming from multiple speakers in different positions. The sound would also reflect off any walls/buildings, so a delay serves both purposes. Maybe a tiny bit of reverb too.


Check out Mcdsp Futzbox or Audioease Speakerphone.


The Techniques Tom.A mentioned work if you want to stay in the box. But there is another way to get a more realistic tannoy announcement. Just Record the vocals trough a loudspeaker. You can easily use "bad" recording devices like inbuilt microphones from handheld recorder.

Good Luck with experimenting!

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