I am just wondering for those of you who regually use boom ops your favoured methods of letting them monitor the audio being recorded. Some I have worked with use their own mixers or mix pre d etc but lots seem to prefer wireless methods or simple wired set ups?


Wireless is the way to go. Try feeding the boom op what's coming out of the mains via a Comtek feed. Have your boom op transmit via a Lectro setup. That way the boom up is fully unrestrained by cable tethers. I boom op'd on a feature a long time ago and the mixer preferring working this way - it was fantastic, freedom for both the mixer and boom op to be able to do their jobs best.


I'm a boom and i absolutely hate comteks!! Terrible terrible sound....I've been using the sennheiser EK 2000 and like it much better! Longer range and much better sound.

If we don't have a wireless transmitter for the boom mic, i prefer using a duplex cable, and have the monitoring trough the cable as well.

  • I should add that we also have walkie talkies so that the mixer can talk to me if i'm not "plugged in" – Filipe Chagas Jun 13 '13 at 11:44

I can't afford a Comtek feed yet, but wireless feed with Sennheiser G3s works a treat in the meantime.


I use a Rolls PM55 for the boom op usually. Allows them to monitor easily with their own volume control.

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