How to encode 8 mono tracks into one 8-channeled WAV mix (poly wav?)

Actually, there are no surround system in the customers project, just 8 speakers, placed linearly. And I need to mix two stereo tracks into 8ch for proper playing, because of unusual sound setup/soft.

Tried with Logic 9 7.1 SDDS, but it seems to be bad way.

Thank you for any help.

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"but it seems to be bad way." could you clarify?

This might help you. Note that the only difference in discrete WAVs is the channel order. Other than that, they are ordinary multichannel WAVs, only with more than 2 ch.


Note: The surround format chosen here only alters the layout/routing of channels to speakers in the assignment section. The actual project surround format is determined by the Surround Format setting in Audio project settings

logic channel order configuration

I guess your best bet is to figure out what the channel order on your system is, then adjust your chosen 7.1 format accordingly.

  • georgi, thank you for answer! "but it seems to be bad way." - I meant loosing 1 mono track in the bounced surround 7.1 mix. May be it was LFE ch. and Logic automatically filtered all freq. above 125Hz... Some update: I achieved my goal with Reaper, but resulting multichannel WAV doesn't play. And there is only 1 difference between playable WAV and "corrupt" - last one has no media info about channels, whereas ok version does consist info like "L - Lc - C - Rc..." Here are these 2 WAVes: correct - goo.gl/yAy13 corrupt - goo.gl/W5tKy
    – Gleb
    May 28, 2013 at 0:21
  • Center and LFE are separate sliders on Logic's surround panner... I assume you've checked them?
    – georgi
    May 28, 2013 at 8:41

As a complement to georgi answer, you could use audacity software.

Audacity has an option (in import/export preferences, check 'use personal mix' instead of 'always reduce to stereo') that allow the assign specific tracks to the resulting wav export.

The basic use would be :

  • import each of your eight mono wav files into it's respective track in an audacity project.

  • File > Export > wav should then open a window where you can assign each of the project track to a channel in the output poly wav.


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