Hi guys,

Just wondering what Tascam DR-100 / DR-100MkII users are using for a carry case? I'm looking at the PortaBrace AR-100 or the Petrol Bags PS615, or finding a suitable camera case as people have suggested in other threads on here.

The AR-100 is fairly expensive for what it is, but it does have the strap clips at the bottom, so when you have it on the strap it's "upside-down"; the right way up for the user. The PS615 looks a little nicer and is a little cheaper, but the clips are on the top, meaning it'd be upside-down for the user...

Anyone have any suggestion or experience with either? Are the controls easy to access through the plastic cover? The main problem I can see at the moment is trying to use the dial control on the front of the DR-100 through the plastic, but that's always going to be the case with such a design!

Thanks in advance!


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