So I just picked up a record at my local record shop called "Environments." It was recorded by field recordist Irving Solomon Teible. I came to find out that this was a whole series(11 to be exact). I have the first one which has "The Physiologically Ultimate Seashore" recorded at Coney Island and "Optimum Aviary" recorded at the Bronx Zoo, both 30mins long. I just ordered Environments 2 which I am really excited about and was wondering if you guys have any favorite field recordist records/cd's/mp3's that you like to listen to on your off time?

Here's the wiki link for more info on "Environments" if any of you are interested!





Sort of on-topic, the Pain and Gain sound crew printed sound effects onto vinyl and hired a DJ to scratch the sounds.



I picked up 'Memories of Steam' a few years ago for cheap. It's really pretty.


English steam locomotive sounds, recorded by Kenneth Granville Attwood using MD421s and AKG D224; released 1970 and reissued 1978.


Off the top of my head, I recommend Chris Watson's work and also suggest you look into the World Soundscape Project and Freesound.


Some 10 years ago we threw away a few shelf meters of sound effects on vinyl. No one wanted them, no one had time or interest to transfer them, and space was at a premium, so it all went into a big container...

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