I'm just starting on the audio post for a film and was wondering if there was somewhere I could go and look up the different options that people have tried with success to replicate different sounds?

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  • I found this site a long time ago and I totally forgot what it was, and all of my searching never brought me back to it. Thanks!
    – Dave
    Apr 8, 2013 at 12:16

That Epic Sound link is gold! Ric Vier's book The Sound Effects Bible is worth a read too. It cover a lot of technique, as well as a good few pages on suggested solutions for common effects. http://www.ricviers.com/#!sound-effects-bible/cukm


Came across http://www.ruyasonic.com/sfx_catalog.htm recently. Some good general sfx info there seeing as its based on radio drama mainly! http://www.ruyasonic.com/sfx_closet.htm

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