Hi, I'm a complete novice at aurdino and max, and hope to make a device as follow;

setting : three light sensors are connected to arduino, arduino is connected to max.

purpose : three light sensors' serial values control the pitch, tempo, amd volume of a wav file in max.

How can I make it possible ? (Hardware setting on aurdino and bread board, code for aurnoino software, and code for max ?)

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If you've not used the Arduino before I suggest looking at Maxuino as this will take care of the processing code to control the arduino (giving you one less thing to learn). It's still a fairly steep learning curve just for Max, so give yourself plenty of time. Find LDRs (light dependent resistors) tested by the arduino community so you're sure they are going to work with little fuss. The Max forums are pretty good, so have a go and then ask (Max) questions there.

Sounds like a fun project.. good luck!


Ask here:



I'd check out Peter Elsea's tutorial on Max, Arduino & Firmata.


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