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currently working on a project and i'm in need of a fairly simple sound but one that I just can't seem to find or create that fits. It's the sound of a standard everyday light bulb flickering on and off before fading out completely. I can only seem to find the sound of neon lights flickering on and off and they're a little too buzzy for what I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Try some small splattery sounds eg drop of water into hot wok, then process through glass impulse response (like Fokke Can Sannes free Claustrophobia IRs - the glass jar) to impart the light bulb tonal quality



I'd suggest looking for very light, thin, but slightly resonant metallic clicks and building it out of those.


Get some fuzzy hum into a wavetable and play it over the keyboard, you'll probably find a nice note that resonates nicely. Then touch it up some filtering and reverb to place it properly.

That would be my guess mate


The Fokke Can Sannes free Claustrophobia IRs look really great! Thanks for the link

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