I am an editor and designer with thousands of SFX on external drives. I could really use some software to better organize all of them using the SFX meta data. I know about sound miner, etc. Do you know of any free software which works?

Thank you in Advance

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just out of interest, why free?

no one ends up with 'thousands of SFX on external drives' without either doing a LOT of recording or buying a lot of sounds.... so (not being rude) but how come you don't have any budget (at all?) to buy an app to manage & access all those 'thousands of SFX on external drives'?

While SoundMinerPro might be beyond some peoples budgets, again why free is the only option you are interested in?

please enlighten?

  • Good point. Even though just wanting to support only (F)OSS or at least software with better accessibility to beginners and poor people would be a good reason. But I guess, if utilizing FOSS, it would be fair for oneself to work for humanitarian, rather than monetary purposes as well. Feb 26, 2013 at 7:30
  • He says he is an 'editor and designer' so presumably he gets paid, or maybe you're right - all his work is done for free/OSS projects?
    – user49
    Feb 27, 2013 at 19:39

FooSFX, if you're on Windows.

Many people also use the indexers inside DAWs, e.g. Cubase/Nuendo, Reaper.

There are plenty of cheaper, but not free alternatives for Soundminer though.

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