Anyone living in Stockholm? I would definitely try and record this :)





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I've found this somewhere on the www:

If you screamed as loud as you could from a window tonight, you’d probably receive several invitations to shut the heck up, but but not in the Flogsta neighborhood of Uppsala, Sweden. As this video creepily demonstrates, this community has a daily ritual called "the Flogsta scream" in which each night at 10 p.m., students scream collectively from windows, balconies and rooftops. Its origin is debated: Some say it’s a stress relief technique that emerged during exam times and became a daily habit. Others say it began as a remembrance of a student’s suicide in the 1970s. We're betting some outsiders might admit that the first time they heard it, they needed new pants.


Very cool and little creepy too reminds me of the experimental noise group Stalaggh that apparently according to them took mental patients with homicidal urges into a chapel and recorded their wild screaming and yelling.


Hahaha, I must try it! :-D


Yep it's a university thing here...

Tuesdays at ten at some of the housing areas connected to some universities. Should be recordable. I have to much of a cold ATM to do it right now. Should it be recorded during winter/snow (dampened and less apparent reflections) or wait until the snow is gone?

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