Ok so im good at making sounds, but the only problem is, I dont know how to make the sounds I hear in my head. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good audio book out there (as sitting at my computer, reading off the screen hurts my eyes) that I could download and listen to about synthesizing? Or any tips on how to make the sounds I hear myself, but just cant seem to recreate?

  • Tried YouTube? I expect there are loads of tutorials like that out there. And keep experimenting until you better understand it ;)
    – Andy Lewis
    Commented Dec 24, 2012 at 20:22

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I don't know about audio books, but this is a pretty "neat" book regarding the topic: http://www.synthesizer-cookbook.com/

Plenty of examples with precise "recipes" that you can copy and see what they're composed of. Working out those should give a better idea of how different styles of subtractive sounds can be made.

Also, this video series: Intro To Synthesis - Youtube (doesn't necessary need viewing to follow)

Btw: have you looked at adjusting your monitor's color balance and the background color of text documents to more eye-friendly settings, if those would help for the eye ache?

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