Hey guys,

Any suggestions for decent libraries of whooshes and transitions?

Alot of the stuff we have in our library currently is very Sci Fi/a bit mental, I would love to snap up a kit of useable sounds for spotting promos and corporate videos (plainer, more pedestrian stuff) so i don't have to create a sound for every spot like I do currently, far too time consuming for those shorter promo sessions.

Many thanks,


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Hi :)

Have a look on Boom Library Cinematic Trailers Designed here.


There's this one library called big whoosh. Can't remember if that one is more over the top or not, so look for some samples to listen to first. It takes a bit more effort, but for more "tame" whooshes I've often had luck with arrow whiz bys and whooshes intended for fight sounds. Sometimes you want to pitch them down a touch and give them a little verb. You could find these sorts of recordings prbably in a general fx library, a mini library of medieval combat fx, or a la carte on a site like sound dogs. Just design a whole bunch ahead of time and keep them on hand.

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