This is going to be pretty broad cause this stuff just confuses me so I wondering, if you guy's could give me some resources to check out so I can understand them a little better. I don't even know how to ask a question so I'll just list it out what I'd like to learn haha:

  • LKFS

  • Leq

  • Weighting Filters

  • Dialnorm

  • Intersample Peaks


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Busy day for me right now, but I'll point you to a blog post I did a little while ago that covers some of the basic of loudness metering: http://www.dynamicinterference.com/blog/2012/04/what-the-hell-do-all-these-letters-and-numbers-mean/

It'll get you started at least.


If you want to go hardcore...


This is the spec that most North American Broadcasters adhere to when measuring.


ATSC's guidelines


This is a great video explaining intersample peaks. While they are talking about the metering in Final Cut, the information is still great.



Try this.


Some useful and enjoyable reading regarding "Loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals"

At the bottom of the document there are a list of references for further reading.

[1] EBU Tech Doc 3205-E ‘The EBU standard peak-programme meter for the control of international transmissions’

[2] ITU-R BS.645 ‘Test signals and metering to be used on international sound programme connections’

[3] ITU-R BS.1770 ‘Algorithms to measure audio programme loudness and true-peak audio level’

[4] EBU Tech Doc 3341 ‘Loudness Metering: ‘EBU Mode’ metering to supplement loudness normalisation in accordance with EBU R 128’

[5] EBU Tech Doc 3342 ‘Loudness Range: A measure to supplement loudness normalisation in accordance with EBU R 128’

[6] EBU Tech Doc 3343 ‘Practical Guidelines for Production and Implementation in accordance with EBU R 128’

[7] EBU Tech Doc 3344 ‘Practical Guidelines for Distribution of Programmes in accordance with EBU R 128’

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