I've used Structure fairly successfully since it first debuted but am having difficulty figuring out how to build my own multichannel patches. When I open up an instance of Structure that is more than two channels (quad, 5.0, 5.1) and build a patch using the LCR panners in the Edit mode, all I get is LR output. I've poked around searching for some other way of panning samples within a patch but haven't found the solution yet.

Anyone out there able to shed some light on this? Thanks -

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Knew it could be done, but had to look it up.

HD/Applications/Avid/Pro Tools/Documentation/Plug-ins/AIR Virtual Instruments.pdf

Page 191 of the .pdf, 181 of the Guide:

Using Structure on Multichannel (Greater-Than- Stereo) Tracks -excerpt

To pan a stereo (or mono) Sampler patch to surround in Structure:

  1. In the Part list, reveal the Patch list for the Part you want to pan to surround.

  2. From the Patch menu, select Add Part > Tools and select the type of surround panning you want.

For more information about Surround Panning controls, see “Tools (for Surround)” on page 246.

I just threw a "Stereo Surround Panner Basic" on the Sine Wave patch and successfully panned it Ls, Rs, & LFE. It looks like there's about 20+ different panner Tools for different input/output situations. I haven't had a chance to explore it much past that, but this should get you started down the right road.

  • @Steve, that's rockin'! Perfect timing too since I'll be building lots of patches today. Feb 16, 2013 at 15:17

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