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I've searched YouTube etc but was wondering if there's some kind of old historical database where old radio reports would be stored?

The quality really doesn't matter - in fact the more old and ropey , the better!

Anyone know of such a place? Reports about troops progress in the war - be it news presenters talking about western soldiers being killed or even new advances made.

I'm a bit stuck and would prefer real authentic bits of news rather than ADR'ing fake ones and adding crusty old recording sounds on top! Would really need about 3 different incidents. I've got propaganda sounds for the war off of archive.org - but half way through the short piece I want to then play some recordings of how it ACTUALLY went. Any help or links would be brilliant! Thanks :)

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Oh ho, I found a few more that might be of interest to people in future if they're making backgrounds for war drama's.



Hope this helps someone in future :)

  • Hate to break it to you but after having read the terms of service, anything on that website is for educational, non-commercial use only. Unfortunate, but those are the rules. It is a thing to be careful of in general - just because something is old/archived doesn't mean it's public domain or rights are freely available. Commented Nov 26, 2012 at 5:01

As i type this i'm digitally tracking about 3hrs of audio from an American Vietnam Radio Station. If you would like a copy Email me at [email protected]

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