Hello! I´m been trying to find some websites that sell used field recording gear apart from the obvious ebay etc. websites. I came across to to http://www.bblist.co.uk and i was wondering if there´s other similar websites that sell used professional field recording gear? Any recommendations?

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Though more oriented towards music, my favorite is Tape Op, specifically the message board section for selling/buying/trading gear. In fact, in was in one of the Tape Op forums that I learned of Social Sound Design. Also, free (or paid) subscriptions available. Highly recommended and a great cross-pollination of ideas, skills, talent, and approach to sound.


bblist is good but you often have to be quick.. Here's a few I trawl through every so often.


All these sites are for production recordists but its the same gear anyway..

Regards, Grant.

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ebay has been good to me. :)

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