I'm going to upgrade from my original Mbox 2 to an Mbox 3 soon. I was browsing around the internet for a bunch of stuff when I stumbled upon this.


I wanted to know if anyone around here has had any work done with them and if it was really worth getting the upgraded components in this set up.

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I don't know about the MBox mods, but I have used their 192 I/Os before and they sound extremely better than the stock DigiDesign I/Os I own before I modded them..

And I tested their new 192s against the "Avid" ones,

and guess what:

Looks like Avid put the same I/O circuitry in the "new" 192 I/Os that they had in their 003s...

Black Lion's sound 10X better.

I would suggest getting a demo unit before you commit to anything, but I highly recommend them.

And, I know a mixer who was approached by Avid saying "We'll give you brand new 192 I/Os for free in your mixroom if you say you use them in a magazine article" and the answer was an emphatic NO. And, he uses Black Lions exclusively on his line.

But, as always, try it for yourself and take no-one's word except your own to determine if you like it or not.

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