Hi all i will be doing a shoot soon that will involve me recording dialogue of actors riding on a very speedy motor bike in the middle of a very busy street in my town and am wondering if i use the radio mics they will clip and i cannot use the boom mic... do you guys have an idea of how i can get decent sound in such a situation? thanks

  • How fast is very speedy? Are they wearing helmets? What type of shot does the DOP need? – Mark Durham Aug 6 '12 at 9:44

Why will the radio mics clip? If you do a test before the take, you should be able to set a level that won't clip. If you are worried about the radio mics going out of range then you can always strap a mini recorder to the bike and hardwire a mic to the recorder.


+1 Iains comment. I'd also say though if they are wearing helmets each(and you cannot see the actors mouths moving)-surely you can just wildtrack/ADR the lines afterwards? If it is not a close up shot either you'll get away with wildtrack I expect.

Otherwise-turn down the sensitivity of your radio mics, consider planting mics if you want the pass by of the motorbike and cross your fingers!

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