Umm yeah, So I watched this video which was linked from JW sound.


Very New, Just came out. But um Wow.

  • Looks/sounds ridiculous. Commented Apr 25, 2012 at 23:57

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This isn't the first product to do this on the market. Check out De-Verb by SPL. User interface is far more minimalist, and it probably has less in the way of fine tuning controls...but it's significantly cheaper.


Wow.. indeed...

Bye / Tumppi


AAX version please


I have been trying the demo version and it's quite amazing.

You need to play around with the controls to get a natural dry sound but sometimes sounds like magic.

Next week I have to work in a quite reverberated scene where I'm going to put it to test. We'll see!


Looks fantastic.

Shame the full price is going to be €399. There's been a bit of a precedent set that plugins aimed at post are very expensive. It's unfortunate.

Would they sell twice as many at €199? Maybe.


Looks unbelievable! Pricey, but there is nothing else like it no?

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