After recording again and being puzzled again by the levels on my Zoom H4n, I googled a bit and found this awesome handheld recorder shootout:

"Noise floor of the on-board mics and mic-inputs - Zoom H4, Zoom H4n, Edirol R-4, Sony PCM-D50" by Martin Doppelbauer

I thought this might be of interest to you guys....

Anyway, I'm a bit pissed because I have this great ambience in the part of the basement where all the plumbing passes of the building I live in...Dripping and gurgling etc.. Wanting to get a stereo recording, I whipped out my Zoom, cranked up the levels to 100 and recorded 7 minutes....while monitoring on headphones at 45 (on the headphone output meters)

I'm looking at the waveform in Audiofinder and it looks terrible...i.e. flat:

alt text http://db.tt/81PgtYce

For those of you that new all about this...sorry to bore you. The comparison linked above should still be fairly interesting anyway. I mean, I've used the H4n for lot's of things and have been satisfied with the performance, noise-floor aside.

Anyway, I guess I'm buying one of these

alt text
(source: sounddevices.com)

and one of these then

alt text
(source: sanken-mic.com)

  • Lucky you, have fun with the new gear. Mar 6, 2012 at 3:29
  • Unfortunately it'll take a bit of saving....but for advertising and corporate shoots the 552 will be a winner.
    – Kurt Human
    Mar 6, 2012 at 10:50


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