Hi guys,

This is a slightly off topic question...i want to have a online presence to share my sound design/audio work...but im confused between having a blog(wordpress) where i can discuss my work and a FB page..

  1. i want eveybody to see...not just FB users
  2. link to wordpress blog to FB or vice versa
  3. ability to link it to a profile website in future..
  4. have my custom header image
  5. easy update, insert vimeo / soundcloud links

so what do you suggest?

Also, if a blog, then self-host a blog or use wordpress hosted?

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I'd go with a blog.

Facebook is headed the way of myspace IMO. They're constantly guilty of changing the rules midstream, and your entire presence will be subject to their whims. Also, the kids are moving from facebook to twitter.

With a blog you can control the entire presentation top to bottom, and change things on your terms. You're in control of your own content, layout, and archives which is a huge deal.

Also, remember that the two are not mutually exclusive. If you just do a facebook page then you just have a facebook page. If you do a blog, then you can post updates to facebook and have both.

re:self hosting vs wordpress, IMO that depends on your vision for the blog. Again, you're not locked into anything, so my advice would be to go with a wordpress host till you outgrow it, then move into self hosting.

of course, all of this is IMO, YMMV, etc.

  • For having tried both, I'd take a blog over a Facebook page anytime. However, I would create the FB page as well, and a twitter account to which my blog would post new entries. In fact I do have all of these but don't make use of it. Other people using this combo show quite a solid presence online, some of them hang around here sometimes... Feb 3, 2012 at 23:03
  • @Rene and @Rig, I actually meant to +1 this post, got a little carried away :) Feb 3, 2012 at 23:03

I'd echo the previous comments...

I just launched a production blog/portfolio site hosted through wordpress.com (I'm not a developer, nor do I have time to learn the ropes of self-hosting). It's extremely simple. I then have all updates "publicize" through multiple online outlets - a dedicated Facebook page, LinkedIN, twitter, Google+, etc. The FB, or G+ page can simply serve as another portal....nothing more than a simple bio, a few pictures, and links back to content on the main blog.

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