Any idea where to try and buy location sound stuff in Paris? Like mic capsules and hearphones? Also portabraces.



In terms of buying gear, France is considerably more expensive than elsewhere. I live in Paris but always buy from either the UK or Germany. It usually works out cheaper to buy from abroad and pay a delivery charge than to buy from a French retailer. Don't forget that if you buy from a European seller, there are no issues with import tax. Buying from the US does mean import taxes are due. UK retailer Digital Village has a French website, even though it is essentially the UK store that you buy from. They also offer a price-match deal, so if you find what you're looking for cheaper elsewhere, they'll match it.

If you want to try before you buy, there are a number of companies in Paris that rent out audiovisual gear. But most of these will only stock different models of high-end gear - if you are interested in trying different models of headphones this becomes more difficult. I would advise doing extensive research on the Internet, then try and find a seller that allows you to try first. The same applies for Portabrace. The following links will help you on your way, I'll update with more links as I think of them:

DC Audiovisuel (rental)

Thomann (Germany)

DV 247

Pinknoise Systems (UK)

Audio Fanzine (second hand gear)

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